Unete means giving everyone the help they need and making sure we stay safe in a very serious time.


Unete means hope, knowledge and better life


Care ,love ,understanding,ect,unete just have changed my life . Never thought I would have the chance to do what I love most, I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I work for and for all I learn from Unete


I love Unete because for me it is the opportunity to open the door to more people and give them the real help that the state provides for the global community and personally, for me it was the opportunity to improve myself and be able to do what I love in my life also joy and happiness that is to help to the community. Also I would love to share my story in spanish tha way i can be more near to the latín community


People gathering with a common goal , helping and assisting the Community whenever it is needed


I have been a community health worker for over two decades. Often, feeling very much alone in assisting people navigate broken and strategic systems. With UNETE and the mentor opportunity with Norma Duran Brown…I feel like we are stronger together, will be able to plant seeds of change and work to reach more people that are often overlooked or forgotten


About Us

What is UNETE?

UNETE is a grassroot non-profit organization with the mission to collaborate and co-create inclusive and equitable spaces that foster health, strengthen self advocacy and promote wellness for the whole-person and whole-community.

What is UNETE currently doing?

We advance health and wellbeing throughout the lifecourse by promoting and facilitating access to resources for historically and presently marginalized communities. Based on a human rights framework, UNETE’s vision is to equitably facilitate immediate and lasting transformation in lives across Western North Carolina (WNC).

What is a CHW?

Our Community Health Care Workers have dedicated their efforts “with, by, and for” the community for decades. Our initiatives address the social and structural determinants of health by sustainably amplifying the wisdom and strengths of the community. UNETE provides person-centered and resiliency-informed services tailored to meet the holistic needs of WNC individuals and families.

Is UNETE only about CHWs?

The CHWS model is giving UNETE an opportunity to formalize many decades of service, creativity, and knowledge. UNETE will continue strengthening the resilience of our community at large and promoting equity with MANOS , FAROS, De Mujer a Mujer NC and collaborating with agencies and organizations seeking mutual support and strong collaborations.

Why are CHWS important ?

As one of our main public health initiatives, UNETE embraces the Community Health Worker (CHW) model as one of the best tools to promote equity. Our team is partnering with other local organizations to develop the next generation of trusted multicultural and multilingual frontline CHWs who center and strive to collectively achieve the highest attainable standard of health for everyone.

By being the bridge between the social services and the individual/community, our CHWs build capacity for self-efficacy, foster synergistic connections, and provide education as well as socio-emotional support. The CHWs understand and celebrate the diversity of NC identities because they are deeply rooted in the communities that they serve.

CHW Operations

CHWs work in coordination with local health departments (LHDs) and contact tracers to identify and connect with individuals who require assistance

CHWs provide education and outreach in hard to reach Communities about COVID-19 and related health issues. They provider information about prevention and sources of support during exposure and treatment.

CHWs leverage NCCARE 360, the nation's first statewide technology platform uniting traditional healthcare settings and organizations, to address non-medical drivers such as food, housing, transportation, employment and interpersonal safety

CHWs provide vaccine education and outreach to historically marginalized communities and individuals to ensure access to information needed to make informed decisions about getting the vaccine.

CHWs will help individuals connect with community resources for safe housing, culturally competent healthcare and financial assistance

CHWs support individuals in accessing vaccines, including registration, setting appointments and 2nd dose reminders. Partnering with community organizations that support vaccine events and help ensure equity in delivery of vaccines


Mentoring and Nurturing Our Students (M.A.N.O.S)
In order, to encourage Latino youth to consider a path to college and careers, this program was created in 2009 and continues to provide a safe space for students and their parents. Two hundred seventy-five unduplicated students have been encouraged to cultivate a culture of academic achievement, social engagement, and community accountability.

Freedom, Advocacy, Resilience for Our Students (F.A.R.O.S)
This weekly club was founded three years ago to offer Erwin Middle Latino students (7th and 8th grades) a weekly space to navigate challenges related with identity, adult expectations, self-advocacy, academics, and emotional growth. 45 students have been served and reported gaining skills in dealing with problems and in transitioning to high school with less anxiety.

De Mujer a Mujer NC
This a grassroots volunteer-based community group founded in 2016 by Latino women as result of focus groups and collaboration between Children First/CIS and Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) De Mujer A Mujer NC (DMAM) believes in creating a culture which supports women and their families in achieving a comprehensive well-being through equity, solidarity and empowerment.


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